Set up the right habits this February

Lets face it.  Most new habits that you try and start in January tend to fail.  You just haven’t quite got the resolve to follow up on the virtuous moment you had on New Years Eve.  It’s not for lack of trying.  It’s just that you’re probably tired so susceptible to failure more so than normally.  Also you’ve probably still got quite a few snacks and bottles left over that seem to get accidentally consumed! 

No – February is defitely the best month to start up some great new habits.  It’s still a challenge even in February so take note of these simple tips to help yourself:

  1. Don’t do it on your own.  Having a friend or partner to lean on for support or a encouraging word will only help you succeed.
  2. Add the habit on to an existing good habit.  It will help you stick to the new one.
  3. Don’t overdo it.  Small incremental changes are much more likely to stick with it and gain the benefits.  setting yourself up to fail won’t help you! 

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