Whether you’re looking to join one of our public sessions or hiring the sauna for your own group session here are a few FAQ’s answered

Do I need to book?

You are very welcome to walk in and pay on the day for your sauna, but you may miss out so we always advise that you book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Bring a Towel to sit on and one to dry yourself/change under.  Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and please wear suitable swimwear for the sauna.

We don’t have a changing room so we recommend you arrive changed and ready for your sauna, or be prepared to change out in the open as you would for a sea swim.¬†

We have a small amount of space to store belongings in the entrance to the sauna but please note that belonging are left there at your own risk.

Sauna offers an amazing therapy for improving health and wellbeing if carried out safely.¬† We’ll give you advice on the day regarding safe use.¬† Please follow the advice.¬† It is your responsibility to manage your own health and wellness and be aware of your limits when using the sauna, which you use at your own risk.

If you have any underlying health issues you should always seek medical advice before using a sauna.  You must not use the sauna if you suffer from high or low blood pressure or any heart or circulatory disorder, if you suffer from epilepsy or diabetes, are pregnant or are prone to dizziness or fainting.  

We reserve the right to remove or reserve entry to those who are intoxicated or deemed a health and safety risk.  Refunds will not be given in these instances.

Children under the age of 16, must be accompanied by an adult on a 1-1 basis.

Please don’t use the sauna if you have a respiratory infection.

There are some simple things we ask for safety and for good etiquette:

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated – bring a bottle of water with you, but don’t take it into the sauna if its metal or glass.

You should not stay in the sauna for more than around 15/20 minutes at a time.¬† Listen to your body rather than the timer.¬† If you’re feeling dizzy, step out for a rest and rehydrate.

Take of any loose jewellery, glasses etc.  They will get very hot!

Please sit on a towel in the sauna.

Sorry – Keep your swimwear on please!

Don’t touch the stove or the stones and ask other bathers before adding water onto the rocks.

No glass in the sauna.

Keep the door shut!

There is a lot of great evidence out there for benefits of using the sauna regularly and certainly too many to list here.  Here’s a very short list to give you a flavour:

  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced risk of dementia
  • Reduction in stress.
  • Increase to wellbeing and calmness
  • May lower the risk of death from heart failure
  • May reduce the risk of blood clots.
Keep an eye on our blog and social media accounts for more information on the health benefits.

It’s really up to you – everyone finds their own best way to sauna through experience. ¬†Whichever way you choose, be sure to be ready with your towel to sit on for the sauna element at the start of your appointment time!

For us, our favourite way to sauna is to mix it in with some cold water swimming.¬† We usually prefer to have a swim first (but not always!), then straight over to the sauna for a 10-15 minute sweat.¬† When we’re nicely warmed through we head back in for a quick dip for 2-3 mins and then straight back into the sauna for the last part of the half hour. ¬†

We’ll often stretch the 1/2 hour out to an hour and repeat a couple of times more to feel super relaxed. ¬†Please book two sessions back to back if you’d like to try this!

If we’re feeling particularly up for it on the day we’ll probably have another cold swim to finish off, but sometimes we don’t and we finish on the heat of the sauna.¬†

Start slowly and build up.¬† A second session straight after the first is lovely once you’ve acclimatised yourself to the process.

All of our sites have parking close by which is operated separately.  Please take note of any local parking charges and regulations when parking to use the sauna.

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