Chilled Swims offer access for all to the benefits of wild swimming in Cornwall's amazing outdoor water

Welcome to Chilled Swims CIC.  Our work provides benefit to economically, socially and educationally disadvantaged people and those with chronic health conditions in Cornwall and the South West.  Our wild swimming courses and education programmes deliver improvements to physical and mental health for disadvantaged communities in Cornwall and the South West.

Our aim is that children and adults with an identified need or those wanting to build the resilience and skills to overcome the challenges of their lived experience are able to access our workshops and courses to change their lives for the better.  We teach the skills and knowledge in order that participants can continue to access the water safely following on from our courses and support.

The use of cold water immersion and breathwork is well documented in multiple scientific studies and journals as an effective way of preventing and improving a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. 

Our workshops and courses not only do this but also help those taking part to build the awareness, resilience, coping strategies and self confidence that they need to manage and overcome the difficulties in their lives to take a more active part in the community.

In developing the resilience and self-confidence to continue the good habits and techniques delivered within our workshops and courses we aim that graduates of our interventions become more confident, self-sufficient and self-sustaining within our community.